Norma .30-06 Question Please

Hello, And thanks in advance. I have this brass cased round with this norma (lower case ) head stamp. The metal bullet is magnetic. The bullet and primer look tinned or nickle plated. The bullet is knurled about an 1/8 th inch above the case mouth. The bullet has a yellow (what appears to be plastic) tip. I think this round came out after Chris’s book was published. Any Idea’s? joe

Hello joeinco
Interesting but is it possible to send some pictures of your cartridge?

Sounds like a regular “ballistic tip” hunting bullet. The bullet being attracted to a magnet surprises me a little, most of the Norma hunting ammo I’ve seen (and shot) uses a gliding metal jacket, not a plated one.

Will Do Partner

Well, it might look like this Norma in .308?

Hello duqjans, Thank You For Your Picture. That 308 round is exactly like my norma .30-06 round. Probable a Sporting round. I thought it may have been a Proof load? Do you know what it is and when it was made? The metal bullet is throwing me off, Take Care joe

This is the plastic pointed variant of the Dual-Core bullet introduced by Norma in the early 70’s.

From c. 1974 catalog (same 180 gr bulelt was used in the .308 Winchester):



Many Thanks, joe

Many Thanks Fede