Norma 9x19: what weights were they manufactured in?


Gents I have these Norma bullets (I don’t have the full cartridges anymore, just the bullets):

The cartridges both had this headstamp:

I weighed the bullets I have here, and the yellow numbers are what I got. My scale isn’t 100% accurate, so there might be a ±1 gn difference.

My question is: what weights were the bullets in these cartridges manufactured in? Any info is appreciated since I have been unsuccessful at trying to Google this.
By the way these bullets are ferrous (can be attracted by a magnet).


Given manufacturing tolerances and the admitted possible errors in your scales, these are both nominally 115 grn bullets, one of the standard weights for a 9mmP.

As for the weights Norma loaded I do not know, but someone like Lew or John will tell you. Probably 115 and 125 grns.



Thanks TonyE

That makes sense.


Hi Odd Job,

(Norma catalog 1993)
Norma 9 mm Para:
Hollow point 115 grain
FMJ 116 grain
Soft nose flat point 116 grain
Securety cartridges (conical) 123 grain



Many thanks sir!