Norma brass and bullet

I have a full box of Norma brass loaded but the outer box is missing. I’d like to know a bit more about it. Headstamp reads: NORMA Re (top) 270W (bottom) with a silver primer. Obviously this is .270 Win. The bullet is copper with a visible cannelure just above the case mouth. The tip of the bullet appears to be brass, pointed, and is approx. .215" in length from the copper to the tip.

I’m wondering if I should shoot these, pull the bullet and powder and reload them, or just put them back on the shelf?

to my mind you do not provide enough information to know if these are reloads or factory.

I hope you are aware one should NEVER shoot someone else’s (unknown) reloads.

So my 2 cents, bust-em down, dump the powder & reload with known components. Reloading is not a subject covered on this forum, but safety is.

PS you have posted a duplicate thread.

I think you have rounds reloaded using norma brass and Remington bronze Point bullets. … -150-grain

That does look just like the bullet I have alright. Thank you. I’ll tear 'em down and reshuffle that deck! Sorry about the dual post – my computer told me the website was unavailable when I hit the “submit” button, so I waited and then hit 'er again.

Factory ammo from the time norma stamped “Re” on the brass should have NP stamped on the primer.


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Good to know. Tack, Jimmy!