Norma Cartidges - need info


I was recently given a few old boxes of .243 WIN ammo and it came in Norma Cartridge boxes.

On closer inspection, I have 20 original cartridges, of Norma 100gr Spp that has had $2.35 written on it, but I can’t find a date. I also have two boxes that were Norma unprimed cases, and seem to have been loaded with match grade 87gr HP w/ 45 gr of 4350 powder behind it.

I am wondering if this stuff is worth anything, other than being high quality ammo. I don’t necessarily want to sell it, but I am looking for a value before I go and burn it at the range.

Any one know anything about this stuff?

Will post a pic when I figure out the website


I use Photobucket as a host and haven’t had any problems.


The only help I can be is that the earliest Norma catalog that I know of that the 243W was shown in was the 1960. They have been listed ever since and so the cases are unlikely to be even scarce. I don’t know about the rarity of specific loadings…


It wouldn’t hurt to be wary of the handloads. Jack