Norma Date Codes on 6.5 Swedish

Looking at a bunch of 6.5 Swedish cases, I noticed that Norma has a single or double letter at the bottom designating the date??

O , P , X G , X D etc.

I also saw a NP where the NP are actually touching. Sorry, I’m at work and can’t post pictures.

Does anyone have a list of what date the letters stand for? They are all berdan and Factory Military loads.


You can find an article on the subject here:


Morten, thanks man! That is exactly what I was looking for!

Have a fabulous Holiday Season!


Michael - If I am misinterpreting your comment about NP and you are speaking of those letters that usually appear on primers, forgive me. The norm is for the letters to be touching. It is a trademark form printed in similar form to that of a dipthong, with a common vertical line for that of the right side of the “N” and the single verticle line of the “P”.

Morten, my dear man, do you have other articles on ammo subjects like that, that could be listed as links for those of us so computer stupid that we print out everything? I am speaking specifically of me, of course. Ones in English, like that one, preferred.:-)

John, no, you got me right :) I was talking about the headstamp at 6 oclock and not the primer.

Thanks again!


No John, I don’t. Not in English. But I thought you could read Norwegian? :-)

Btw, ‘NP’ occurs both as a monogram on primers and as a headstamp, and quite recently, Norma Precision AB (Åmotfors) made 6,5x55, .308 Winchester and .30-06 Springfield for Norma AS (Oslo) With ‘NP’ headstamps.

Morten - Shame on Norma. The NP monogram has way more class than just the two letters N P separated. :-(