Norma Here, Norma there, Norma everywhere


The Norma factory has for many years put a small(ish) symbol on their boxes, extending that tradition to brand names for which they made ammunition or components, Weatherby for example. On a recently traded box I must admit I was a little surprised to find the familiar “mantelpiece clock”.
It has been suggested that the L inside the circle comes from the Lorenz name of Metallpatronen fame, can any of you confirm that?
Newer boxes does not have the symbol any more, probably a RUAG thing.

6 mm Norma BR (Berger bullet)

.308 match ammo with a 190 grain bullet

6,5x55 Golden Target 20 pcs box

Winchester/Olin 9 mm Luger 115 grain Jacketed CE



Mausernut–I could be wrong, but I always thought that was the symbol for the organization in Europe that, like SAAMI in the U.S., standardized the chamber and case dimensions before the C.I.P. was organized.


The “L” under Crown is a Variant of the Liege Proof House marking placed on Firearms…when applied to Ammunition, it signifies that the ammo so labelled meets interchangeability Specifications throughout Europe as applied by Liege proof House.

Largely superceded by the New “CIP” rules and markings for ammunition.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.


OK, that explains it. Must look for it on older boxes, only ever found it on Norma and that single Winchester box.
Nowadays Magtech uses the german proofhouse of Suhl’s symbol on their boxes:

Norma uses the proofhouse in Ulm for some reason

And Sellier & Bellot sticks to their CIP mark with the big M.