Norma index 569 Armour piercing bullets

I have no other information on this box other than the photo below. Has anyone seen this before? Being 104gr, I assume it is the M/39B bullet and that the box hails from the 1970’s or 1980’s?:

Hi Matt, this is the bullet used in Norma’s Armour Piercing 104 gr load Index No. 211. This is the commercial equivalent to m/39B and was announced as “New” in 1969.

An earlier thread on the subject:

[Norma 9mm 104 grain "Armour piercing" - sectioned)

Thanks Fede, you are an IAA treasure!

That was me in the old Historian post you mention from a few years ago, and it figures this commercial looking box would go with the commercial M/39B equivalent.

Matt, I’m glad to help you. I edited the ballistic table of the previous post for better understanding.