What does the “Re” part in a headstamp mean? Thanks in advance for any info.


It means that the case can be reloadable by handloaders

AFAIK, all Norma brass can be reloaded, always was, always will be. I never could understand why they stamped certain cases that way.


Ray - while its absolutely true that all Norma center-fire cases ever made can be reloaded, there is a general perception in the United States that you cannot reload Berdan-primed cases. With more communication, it is not so nearly prevelant as it was 40 years ago, when I would judge 90% of American shooters didn’t think you could reload Berdan-type cases at all. Today, it is a tiny minority. However, a large minority, including me, can still not be bothered with the process.

The “re” was instituted when they found a big U.S. market for their brass, to indicate nothing more than that the cases were Boxer-primed and therefore, for those who didn’t know better about Berdan case, “reloadable.” I don’t know of a single instance of a Norma Berdan-primed case having these initials. As I recall, a very few Norma calibers sold in the U.S. were Berdan.
Of course, in Europe, most Norma calibers that were not originated primarily for the American market, were Berdan-primed at one time, including .32 auto, 7.65m/m Para, 9mm Para, etc.

Perception is everything!

ahhhhhh all those years of wondering… I have seen the light!

Thanks for the quick answer everyone.


Your answer makes perfect sense.

One story that I heard was that some shooters thought the “Re” meant reloaded ammo and they would not buy Norma. So Norma dropped the Re from their headstamp.