Normas first softpoint bullet

Here’s a piece of norwegian hunting and shooting history for you. I have an old box of Norma bullets that I recently made an effort to date. In the book “Norma projektilfabrik 100 år 1894 - 1994” (printed for their 100 year anniversary in 1994), I found the info I was looking for. Since the start in 1894, Normas office adress was : Jernbanetorvet 2 III, Christiania. In 1907 they moved their head office to Rosenkrantzgaden 3, III Christiania. That means that this box was made at the latest in 1907. Christiania is today called Oslo. It was called Christiania from 1624 - 1925.
The other piece of info I found was that Norma started to produce huntingbullets also in 1907.

That means this box must have been made in 1907. I don’t know if they only made one type of bullets that year, but this could very well be Normas first ever softpoint bullet.
The bullets are 6,5 mm and weighs 77.5 - 78 grains.

The box reads: “Norma projektilfabrik. CEO, L. A. Enger & co. Jernbanetorvet 2 III, Christiania.
Hunting bullets cal 6.5 mm with lead points. Best bullets for big game. Expands upon impact. Powder charge 1,65 gram Frølichs red powder. Sold in original boxes of 50 and 100 pieces”.


Very interesting. Can you post a photo of the base of one of the bullets?

Here’s a pic. of the bullet together with the 156 grain bullet. In catalogs Norma used the term long and short bullet for these. They were available as fmj and softpoints and were Normas most common 6.5 mm bullet for years.

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Very nice box! Thank for sharing.



Hi BDM,very nice box you got!
Perhaps you could date these boxes also,by the adress?
We know the bottom one is after 1925,since the capital has changed name to Oslo.

Very nice boxes! Norma moved to Raadhusgaten in april 1914. I don’t know how long they stayed there, but maybe untill 1940 when the germans confiscated their property.
So your first box is from 1907 - 1914. The others from after 1914.