North American Catridge Co - Canadian shotgun shell


The 2 1/2" long shell is dark brown paper, somewhat Winchester Rival colored, with an unevenly trimmed, low base brass head without any cannelures or crimps.

The white top wad held by a nice square-edged roll crimp & shows just the load information, no company name. 4 1/4, 1 1/4, 6

Headstamp is;

N. A. C. CO.

NO. 10

So Who Made It??



Just a wild guess.

national arms company
Years look right and they made 10 Ga shotguns.



Pete, you have found a fantastic shell. It was made by Dominion to be sold under company name “North American Cartridge Company”. An amazing find!


This is a rare shell. I have one in 10 G & I understand they were also made in 12 G. 10 G was brown,12 G was green.
I was told North American Cartridge Co. indicated a possible name change for the Dominion Cartridge Co.


Thank you very much. Had a feeling it might be Canadian, but just a WA guess on my part.
Thanks again & this forum sure works!


My Understanding was that Dominion made these with the name North Amercian Cartrridge Co to penetrate the US market as Dominion had a hard time with American Sales. Was a venture that never lasted too long.
This of course was just from hearsay I have heard on many occassions from the older fellas up here in to the DC and Dominion stuff.