North Korean .22?

Is there any North Korean .22 production documented? Images of boxes and headstamps would be most interesting to see.

Alex, there are at least two different brand of North Korean .22 Long Rifle cartridges: Meari and Rex (both use English language labels). The great George Kass wrote a short article about these published in bulletin no. 444 p. 69.

I recently saw a picture of the Meari brand box in a shooting gallery located in Pyongyang. This was being used with a Soviet Margolin pistol.



Fede, thanks a lot for pointing this out!!! I will study the details there!

As a side note: a North Korean won one of the small-bore shooting events at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. Asked how he won, he answered to the effect that he simply shot the same way as he would shoot at enemies of the North Korean people. It caused considerable consternation because the shooting sports organizations at the time tried their best to ignore that our sport has its origins in training local militias.
Alas, I am not aware that his ammunition was ever mentioned in one of the shooting journals.

Most of the “sports” in the Modern Olympics, as the Games were first reintroduced were based on what were Military Disciplines, such as the ability to run long distances and sprint very quickly, archery, javelin (spear) throwing, horsemanship, swimming, etc. Of course, even in ancient times many of these same things were done for pleasure as well, not just in preparation for war.

In the early Modern Olympics, as I recall, the Shooting events were shot with military type and caliber firearms. Today, it seems to be all sporting shotguns, .22s and airguns.

[quote=“JPeelen”]As a side note: a North Korean won one of the small-bore shooting events at the 1972 Olympics in Munich.

Just my opinion but I doubt they been using domestic .22 cartridges then.

I got in touch with George Kass now and got to know that the box with the “REX” marking also has an Austrian proof house sticker. So my initial thought got confirmed as that box has the “Serien Nr.” sticker on which is a bit cranky wording for “lot number” in German what fits the same pattern we observed on North Korean 26.5mm flare gun cartridges which were exported by NK to Austria in the 1990s (?).