North Korean 7.62x39

Greetings all. Does anyone have a list of what North Korean head stamps mean? I did find an old thread from 2010 but the picture was blurred. I think the following tracer is from 1963?
image image

nice view of north korean tracers
i didn’t know that they make tracers

They make/made them and they are very hard to find.

Henry, there is a lot of speculation on the meaning of these NK headstamps, including on this forum.
And none are confirmed in my view.
You got the box for the tracers too?

Unfortunately I didn’t get the box. Only 19 specimens. I’ve seen boxes in pictures lol… from a fuzzy old picture on this forum back in 2010 it shows mine as dated 1963, but as you’ve pointed out there’s some ambiguity to this.

This post

shows a table picturing a reasonable theory of which of the known characters stand for which year of manufacture.


Thanks Hans. I did find that post but for some reason the picture had a picture bucket watermark all over it and it was fuzzy. When I click from your post it is clear. Thank you!!

We can thank “Fede” one of the Forum managers for fixing the photos!


I have a box of these NK Tracers on the way, along with two boxes of ball…all older markings :slight_smile: :grinning:

Here are some pictures



Nice rare items