North Korean 7.62x54R Spam can

Hi Guys

Slaaibak here from South Africa.

I purchased a 91/30 PU Sniper over the weekend and it came with a can of 7.92x54R, and the most interesting part is - It’s North Korean.

I have a nice little 7.62x39 and 7.62x54R headstamp collection but have not seen many references of these on the net.

The Galvanized Tin had no other marking other than “440” on the top
The Opener is marked 93.
and rounds are Yellow tipped marked 93 over 86
the 20round packs had 5 or 6 marked on the wrappers
And the Copper Washed Steel cased are more Yellow(brass like) than the Chinese or Russian ammo

I believe these can from Angola during the South African Border War 1966-89.


Keep in mind that these heavy, boattailed D bullets were intended for machine guns. They had a larger acceptance dispersion (50% radius at 300 m ), which was 15 cm (6"), compared to 10.5 cm (4") for the ordinary L bullet.
The first Soviet special sniper bullet was the 7N1 introduced in 1967.

Yes I’m aware of that, Its next to impossible to get 7N1 in SA :(
I do my own reloads for the SVD and Mosins.

As these are extremely scare I would keep on using reloaded or newly made ammo and route these into collector channels. Just if that is an option.

I agree.

I have loads of Russian and Chinese milsurp I’d rather shoot before the NK goodies
Pity I’m in South Africa :P

Indeed, indeed…