North korean ammunition

Anyone care to decipher the markings on these North Korean Aircraft Gun shells ?

  1. 30mm

  1. 37mm

  1. 30mm

Number 2 looks to me to be a reloaded Soviet 37mm from 1948 with the first data x-ed out. Could have been given to N. Korea by China or The Soviet Union. It came from N. Korea.

The “X’s” are 99% Russian, this kind of “lot adjustment” is observed regularly on Russian medium calibers. Compareatively early case.

Nice North Korean 30mm cases - or what ever they are.

Soviet 45mm AT gun shell with N.Korean markings.

[quote=“DrSchmittCSAEOD”]Soviet 45mm AT gun shell with N.Korean markings.


Is that marking on the lower right side (repeated in 3 lowest rows) saying “326” or are there more digits?
Would be important to know, thanks.