North Korean OICW type gun - what caliber and what ammo?

In the web (the firearms blog) I have found these images of a North Korean OICW style weapon as it was presented this year on a parade.

I know the chance is small but does anybody know the actual caliber of the grenade launcher (could be 20mm) or has images or data of the rounds used?



The calibre is 20mm, but other information is hard to come by. Judging by some unofficial computer graphic images, the round appears to be shorter overall than the 20x30B used in the South Korean K11.

Tony thanks! Would the size of the magazine give a hint on the OAL as that could be judged from the size of the wepaon handle which should be the standard size of AK systems?

Sorry, I was thinking of the Chinese one - careless reading!

Could it just be an imitation shell attached to an AK-74 for display purposes?

I was once told a story about Chinese navy ships being found to be fitted with wooden mock-ups of missile launchers. I have no idea how mush truth there is to that.

It is a QTS-11 rifle/grenade launcher combo. Took their QBZ-03, an AK, chambered it in 5.8x42, and added the grenade launcher.

Yes, but we are speaking of the North Korean one.