North Korean shotshells

Has anybody ever seen North Korean shotshells?

If so it would be great to see some images.

Hi Alex,
Tonight i make pictures for you.
You should be able to find some at the forum, I have posted them some years ago.

Regards rené

Time flies😀

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René, this is great!
You have more to show maybe?

Which countries are you searching for?

As per this thread here only North Korea.

But in general all “exotic” ones of communist (also former) countries.
Vietnam would be also interesting but that should be dealt with in a different thread.

You are correct.
This is the only north korean cases I have ever encountered.
please search the forum for Caffort from Saigon, you will find one from Vietnam made in Belgium.

As for other communist countries, I do not think I can help with more pictures.
I have a nice number of cases from several African countries, and several like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Beirut, Madras, Indonesia and some ’ unknown’ ones. mostly with ‘arabic’ writing

regards rené

René, just did and the only hit with the search term “Caffort” is this thread here.

But as it is made in Belgium it is not really Vietnamese.


Just some quick pictures.
Not really Vietnamese, but very nice.

Indeed! Thanks!
The “Saigon” makes it “pre communist” then.