Northern Arizona Munitions (N.A.M.) tracer/incendiary 9mm's


Below is a photo of 9mm tracers & incendiaries from Northern Arizona Munitions (N.A.M.). NAM is in Arizona and is run by a long time loader of these sorts of bullets named Jim Haak. The website is here: They mostly distribute to a couple big sellers like Ammotogo.

Below is a photo of all the 9mm variants that I have. They are left-to-right:

  1. red tracer
  2. green tracer
  3. white tracer
  4. incendiary
  5. incendiary tracer
  6. ranging tracer red/green
  7. incendiary ranging tracer
  8. starburst incendiary

Does anybody have other variations from years past?


I have a bunch of Tokarev variations, will post a pic tonight.

I think these are all NAM. Jim, am I missing any?


I am eagerly waiting :)


Hi DK,
You are only missing four of our standard 9x19mm loadings in your picture.

  1. #1261 Orange Tracer, Orange tip 500M Trace
  2. Yellow (Gelb) Tracer, dull or flat yellow tip 500M Trace
  3. 142 Grain Sub-Sonic Tracer, Maroon Tip 500M Trace
  4. #GV120 NV Tracer, Gray Tip, 400M Trace. Produced for a GC for use with NV/IR equipment but proved to bright for the latest model which detects the heated ball round well enough not to be needed. Impossible to see in day lite but can be seen when fired in bursts on a dark night with the naked eye. Emits a very faint orange light. Thanks, JH

Israeli 9mm tracer

Jim, if I am missing any of your 7.62 Tokarev offerings…I want them!


Hi Jon,
Looks like only the Red Tracer is missing. The Orange tip is a color we built very little of in 7.62x25mm. It is a WW2 German 7,9 tracer compound from Rheinmetall-Borsig. A.G. #1261. Neat color. JH


Jon, thanks a lot for the image. I wish they were military or LE.


Me too, but they do add some nice color to my Tokarev drawer. And I do collect all Tokarev variations.


DK, Thanks for pointing me to this thread. I had missed it.

Here are some more of the earlier items by Jim Haak.

From Left:

  1. Incendiary-dark blue tip-ca’94
  2. Starburst Inc-Headlight day tracer-ca’06 Starburst incendiary pops without contact
  3. Bird Bomb-designed to scare birds. Understand some were bought by the Coast Guard to fire warning shots. Apparently goes out a ways and then provides a big “POP” ca’03
  4. Incendiary tracer - ca’94
  5. Red Tracer - ca’94
  6. Orange tip - Yellow-white tracer ca’93

Jim, I probably have some of these descriptions screwed up. If so please correct them. Thanks for all the interesting things you produce.




Hi Lew,
Item number three (3) is not one of our products. It was manufactured by ELD Enterprises. I believe it was their 12 gauge self destroying shell was used by the CG, not the 9mm. The last two items are sub-sonic tracer with bullets weighing about 144 grains at 950 fps. Regards, JH


Jim, Many thanks. That is one of the problems with buying off the internet from a third party, stories get “enhanced”. Many thanks for correcting the information.

I guess the Bird Bomb was made by:
2811 N MESA DR #35
Phone: (928)772-4085

Still in business but no more Bird Bombs. Out of the pistol ammo business but still do fancy 12ga ammo.




Hi Lew,
The number is correct, but the area code has been changed to: (928) 772-4085
Regards, JH


Here are those other 4 less common tracers that Jim mentioned above:

Left to right they are:

  1. #1261 Orange Tracer, Orange tip 500M Trace
  2. Yellow (Gelb) Tracer, dull or flat yellow tip 500M Trace
  3. 142 Grain Sub-Sonic Tracer, Maroon Tip 500M Trace
  4. #GV120 NV IR Tracer, Gray Tip, 400M Trace.


Can any of you, bring these wonderful 9 Parabellum to ECRA meeting of 2011?
I want one of each!!!


ECRA 2011 is in Germany and I believe that tracers are not allowed on the permit we get for Germany. There are also other issues.

Perhaps a solution would be for you to come to SLICS in 2011 or 2012!!!




I was going through some things I had put away and turned up some loads that I thought may be NAM production.

Jim Haak was kind enough to confirm that the three truncated bullet tracers on the right were:

The three tracers each weighed about 205gr overall. The blue bullet incendiary weighs 182gr. The seperate yellow bullet weighs 109gr and the loaded cartridge 177gr. The yellow tip bullet has a lead base with no evidence of a tracer cavity or other ignition path.




Hi Lew,
As you probably know, the Starburst incendiary is simply an incendiary mixture that has a percentage of Ti (usually pyro sponge) added to produces a shower of white sparks on contact. It is a contact only projectile. The SKYBURST round has a fuse train (usually a tracer element) that ignites the bullet in air after a few hundred yards of flight. I just wanted to make that distinction for those who are unaware. JH