Northover projector

I have several Northover projector replica cartridges that I want to use for the shows we hope to put on next year.
They have been made to the original specifications even down to the fiber board packing.
What I need is information on the packing transport tube they came in.
I understand it was a cardboard tube with tin end caps 3" in diameter but can not find any details on the markings on the tube.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Here are some photos of the replica charges I have made ![IMG_6643|690x387]

See attached -

Thanks for that Tim.
From what you have supplied it looks like the charge container is a box and not a tube as I thought.
I don’t know if anyone has any pictures of the Box C.261. as this would also help.
Its also interesting reading that there was a difference in the Mk1 and 2 charges as we have both MKs on our display. I will end ever to do more research but any pictures would be helpful.