Northrop Grumman Ammunition Fact Sheets

I came across these downloadable fact sheets from Northrop Grumman today. Click through the different categories to find them.

The fact sheets are all 1-page documents, so brief, but still interesting. Some nice cross-sections are shown on the medium and large caliber sheets. NG produces small, medium and large caliber ammo, so something for (nearly) everybody!

There is also this 28-page small caliber catalog:

And the same for the Bushmaster Chain Guns they make:

My first thought was who ever heard of Northrop Grumman as a small arms ammunition maker?
But I learned the company is now operating Lake City because they bought ATK.
Thanks a lot, Larry, for sharing the SmallCaliber_Ammo Book, which is from December 2018.

Larry, thanks a lot for the links!
Lots of docs to log.

Jochem, the very same question was the first that came to my mind!

You’re welcome Alex.

I always knew of them as an aircraft and spacecraft company. I was also pleasantly surprised to see they make such a variety of ammo (and some of the guns to shoot it).

Here is a brief video showing a cutaway Hughes Chain Gun chambering and extracting a 30mm round (Northrop Grumman now builds Chain Guns after multiple acquisitions/mergers).

Larry, yes, I was aware of their aircraft history. I happened to care for aicraft for some 20 years or so…

These days it is getting harder and harder to keep track of which company is buying others or is being bought…

This catalog is probably for export purposes only, because the 5.56 Nato M855A1 cartridge is missing in the assortment.

does anybody have this file saved?
Link is dead now…

SmallCaliber_AmmoBook.pdf (4.4 MB)

Danke schon!

Just curious. What headstamp is on Northrup Grumman ammunition? Their “Ammo Book” indicates they are the producer.

John Moss

John, this ammunition is manufactured at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant and headstamp is “LC”. Northrop Grumman is the current operator.



Gracias, Fede. That factory seems to change ownership often. I thought Winchester still had it! :-(