Norwegian 20x110RB and 12.7x99 plastic dummies + German 20x138B wood blank


Two new to me dummy rounds plus a bonus 20x138B wood dummy.
Does anyone have positive ID on the 20x110RB and 12.7x99 dummies? No headstamp or markings or either. Turned brass head/plug on the 20x110. Aluminium head on the 12.7x99. It does shout “Bakelittfabrikken” for me but would like to be sure.

The latter COULD be a possible empty blank but the primer pocket seems “off” (at 7.85 mm wide and 5.45 mm deep) and I can not visually find any “break lines” if it had been a blank body.


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warning the wood projectile 20x138 is a blank ,not dummy

And the Oerlikon in fact is Norwegian.

Thanks for the reply - I thought this could be a possibility but the case feels empty, there is no movement/rattling inside when the case is shaken, and there is no sound of movement. Powder bags?
Thanks Alex, was assuming and hoping it was, confirmation is nice.


Ole. You can touch up the title with the new info :grinning:

Done! Good suggestion :wink:


Yes and on top a wad. Normally weight should show you if it is loaded (it looks much like).
And you got one in pristine condition too! Well done!

in the past i had similar 20x138 blank with knurled case and nice primer sealant
but the round has been properly inerted
no exterior signs visible but i moved the wood bullet and see that the case is well empty

My 20x138B blank, with steel case and wooden bullet and absolutely no powder, weighs 140 g.
That black plastic 12.7x99 you have is a dummy, but it’s not an official Norwegian military item. The story is that these were made privately for a Norwegian officer according to his own design.

Here is my exemple and I think is loaded, the weight is 149,70 grams