Norwegian 40 mm L/70

Some quick and dirty photos of a Raufoss-mfg’d L/70 I recently acquired. It came from a non-collector’s basement and sadly looks like it too… it’s in pretty rough shape. Case is fired with ejection marks, projectile is mostly untouched spare a little ding on the aluminium tip; base has a loose metal disk inside, beyond the threaded-in “plug”(?).
I am assuming the whole projectile has been blue at some point…

Forgive the bad photos; will get better ones once the item is cleaned up a little and I have access to a proper camera on tripod.

l70 3
Projectile marking reads “40 mm L/70 LOT 2 - RA - 70”.
Case headstamp reads “40 MM L/70” over “LOT 1 - RA -70”
Primer ass. headstamp reads “LOT 1-RA-70” over “M/391”.

The “squiggly” font is accurately highlighted; some letters are only partially pressed/milled, so I am guessing tools/bunters/? were somewhat worn or not 100% correctly applied. Time and wear also plays in but it’s rather easy to tell some parts of certain letters are missing altogether.

Going to try to clean the head a little once I have some time and energy. “Essential worker” so I have no time off work…