Norwegian 9 x 19mm 16 round boxes

Among my collection, is a few Norwegian 16 round boxes for 9 x 19mm. I have not given any notice to these boxes, because they look so similar. Recently I moved my ammunition collection into a new and bigger room, and then I noticed that I have a few different boxes. I were not aware that there were so many different labels. So I decided to take a few pictures, and show. Be aware that some boxes were already opened, so the rounds inside may not be original. There may also be other year to these boxes, the information here is just based on my own collection.

This I think is the earliest type I have in my collection. Headstamp from 1949 and 1950 in the two boxes I opened:

The next type had no frame, and headstamp I have found from 1951 until 1955 in my collection.

This type of box I only have 2 of, it’s marked “Only for submachinegun” This box has probably been repacked, my box had headstamps from 1951 til 1955. I don’t know if they are hotter than usual, since they are only for submachinegun.

In 1959, the 9mm boxes was marked Pistol, but could probably be used in both pistols and submachineguns. We used Stens, MP-40’s, and the Swedish copy of the Suomi at the time. ( I actually encountered MP-40’s and MG-34 far into the 90’s in the homeguard, and I’m now in one of the last units to use AG-3 ).

Next label says for both pistol and submachinegun. Headstamp found in these boxes is 1962 and 1963. Lot number has only one number, RA - 60 on this box. I don’t think 60 is year, because I also have from RA - 40 to RA- 77 in this type of label.

There’s also a similar label, but with another lot system. My boxes has RA - 17 - 60 as lot number, and I guess it means year 1960. I have 4 of this box, and two of them has wrong spelling of patroner ( rounds )

From 1963 we stated to use the NATO symbol for ball ammunition on the boxes:

This box is marked Special, this was a lot made for “weak” pistols like P08 Luger, P-35 Browning and P-38 Walter. Only one lot is known. Made in 1968, using cases with headtamp RA 64.

Then there’s another that is only for submachinegun, probably from 1967, most likely another repack:

Last box I have, is Pressure test rounds. Sadly the label has loosend from the box, but it has the original rounds inside. Only know year is 1955:

I didn’t pay much attention to these boxes, because I didn’t know there were so many variations. Know I need to keep my eye open for more.

Hopefully, someone know more about these boxes and the timeframe they were used. I will also post this in a Norwegian forum to see if I can learn more.

Sounds much like Morten is needed here.
Screen shot of the chart, from the link above.

After opening the link (above) to the chart, click on each 9 mm ( in blue, left most column) to open an information page on each type of 9x19mm listed in the chart.
Open in Chrome and use Google translator which can translate some of of the text.

PSG1 has said more or less what is to say about the Norwegian 9 mm boxes. The caliber was produced at Raufoss from 1948 to 1964, plus two lots (116-RA-68 and 117-RA-68) in 1968. These were loaded to a lower pressure because aluminium framed Walther 38 pistols in the Norwegian army started to break because of too high pressure. The cartridges produced from 1959, with lot numbers on the box, were sometimes referred to as M/59, but that designation has never been seen on any box. The lots were numbered consecutively from lot 1 in 1959 to lot 116 in 1964. When they produced two more lots in 1968 (with 1964 cases) they started at lot 116 (by a mistake, I believe). Lot 117 is only known as an empty box, as far as I know.
In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Raufoss made 9 mm with reduced load for use in an M72 anti tank training system, but that is an other story.