Norwegian Ammunition

I am not sure if we had linked this site here before and I am almost sure some of our users are related to this site.
Lots of great images and info there.

In case I am repeating this I do apologize.

Here the rifle cartridge section, you can navigate to other categories/calibers through the “Ammunisjon” button on top.


Thank you for the hint, Alex. The website must have been “relaunched”. It has a very different look now. So even those of us who knew the old site, may find the current version interesting and find new information.

I was a little let down with the decision to change to the new layout. It is much less pleasant on the eyes and to me is hard to navigate. Still the old one was indeed the “old” one… so it was due for a change. But I hope it will be refined soon.

A lot of the photos of items on are supplied by Norwegian collectors active on this forum :-)


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Hi EOD, We already know that the web is not to everyone’s liking, but personally I don´t care.
My most sincere CONGRATULATIONS to all those people, who have worked, using time, efford and love in this new web design. I have a lot work too (, but…If you need somethings (photos, information…etc etc.) I would be proud to help you.

JJAM, I did not criticize anything, right?