Norwegian NM252 magazine loader for HK MP7A1

I’ve posted this item before but as I’ve now got an MP7A1 magazine to display along the loader I thought I might repost for those who missed it last time.

The NM252 is a Norwegian-made (NAMMO Bakelittfabrikken AS) loader for the new HK MP7A1 PDW replacing or supplementing the HK MP5 in Norwegian service. As most are familiar with the MP7 is chambered for the 4,6 x 30 mm cartridge unique to this gun (and an Anschütz varmint rifle!).

The loaders are packed two in a cardboard box, supplied with ammunition to units. It’s interesting to note that it seems to borrow heavily design-wise from the Israeli Maglula Striplula loader for STANAG 4179 magazines - it features a moving “slide” on which you press with two fingers to rapidly transfer the cartridges from the loader into the magazine.

[Picture from eBay listing]

It works both with the 10-round plastic stripper clips or just stacking cartridges into the loader itself, as the Striplula also does. 10 rounds are placed in the loader, the loader is seated onto the magazines, and the moving “slide” is pushed down. The knob on the middle of the slide pushes against the cartridge and gives more leverage using two fingers, and thus is easier to load than the open-top NM238 5,56 x 45 mm loader for 4179 magazines.

The plastic used in the construction of the loader seems to be identical with the one used in the NM238 loader, but the design is much more sturdy. The front is a closed V-shape, whereas the NM238 has a split front with two weak walls that keep the cartridge tip in place. They’re prone to break, especially in the cold. Have to say I’m impressed with how well done the NM252 is despite being likely to be discarded after use by conscripted soldiers.

The MP7A1 is replacing the MP5 as a PDW for medic units, vehicle crew, and pilots.

Interestingly the FLO (The Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation) has modified MP7A1s for seat packs for jet fighter pilots. These have a cut down stock (doesn’t protude below the receiver), lack the folding foregrip, side mounting rails removed, ironsights and the flash hider are taken off. This was done specifically for the F-16 jets, I’ve not heard anything about whether they intend to use the same modified guns in the new F-35s being currently delivered.



I know that it is a bit of off-topic here, but where can I find photos and more info on these modified MP7A1?

@mpopenker this is the only picture I know of it, from the great book “Skytevåpen benyttet av Forsvaret etter 1859” by editor Askild Antonsen. ISBN 8291218633, it features all guns trialled, captured, used, and fielded by the Norwegian military branches since 1859-2013.

The caption reads
“MP7A1 modified in Norway for use in the seat packs of F-16s. The weapon is stripped of side rails and forward grip. The flash hider is removed and the stock is halved in size. This is done in order to fit the gun in the seat pack carried by fighter pilots in the case they eject out of the plane.”