Norwegian Post 1945 Manufacturers

I found these images on a Norwegian “digital museum” website. The manufacturer codes made me curious now. Anybody who can shed some light on these codes?


Both Sola and Haugesund are (military) airports and the Raufoss subsonic box is not that unusual…?
But let’s hear what Morten has to say :-)

Soren, any idea for the “IA” on the 9x19 box?

A wild guess but probably a acronym for the maker of these 9mm, Or the intended user…?
I’m not good at norwegian ammo, sorry.

The two first boxes, 7,62x63 AP and 7,92x57 SS Ball, contains ammuniton that have been repacked at local arsenals. SOLA is most probably an Air Force arsenal connected to Sola airport near Stavanger at the Norwegian west coast. HAU is “Hauerseter” which was one of the Army’s arsenals some 50 kilometers North of Oslo.

The 9 mm Box is the second last lot that was made of ball 9mm Para at Raufoss (the last lot I know of was 117-RA-68). So the “IA” is actually “RA”, it is only the label that is somewhat damaged.

The designation SPESIAL was used on 9 mm ammunition produced with a lower pressure than the 1960-vintage 9mm’s from Raufoss, which almost destroyed the aluminum framed Walther P38’s that were in use by the Army at that time.

If you open the 9mm Box, you will find that the cases all have “RA 64” headstamps, as 1964 was the last year they produced 9mm cases at Raufoss.