"Norwegian shotshell" Raufoss - Hirtenberg

Hi everyone,new to this forum,from Norway.

Can you help me with some information on this shell,made by Hirtenberg.
It has the tekst: Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker røkfri RA rustfri.
And under: RANC 14 RUDGE.

Right before Raufoss stopped making shotgun shells in the 1960s they got some black shells from Fiocchi with their usual Raufoss emblem on it,but with Fiocchi headstamp.
This one is obviously an Austrian shell,and i wonder what Ranc14 Rudge means,and if there are other shells similar to this,but without the Raufoss text?

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Hi, welcome to the forum! “RANC 14” is the powder type and stand for Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker Nitro-Cellulose model 14. “RUDGE” is the Norwegian name of a wading bird (Eurasian woodcock).

This powder was also popular in Italy during the 60’s and you can find it with many different Italian headstamps.



Hi,thanks Fede!
I had never heard of that powder before,but that makes perfectly sense now.

The RUDGE however,if that should be the woodcock,is spelled wrong.
Woodcock in norwegian is RUGDE,but that could explain why these cartridges never came
to the market. The shell is marked 7, so it is suitable for a small bird of wading…

You mention some Italian cartridges with the RANC14 print.
Do you have a picture of one that I could use on this page about Norwegian shotgun cartridges, for comparison with this one?


Best regards

Hi finn,
These are the two I have in my collection.
Regards rené

Hi, thank you very much!
I had no idea that these even existed
Do you know if they have been sold to hunters in Italy or other countries?
Or are they just some test examples?
The red one is obviously not meant for the norwegian market,and probably not the white or black one either…
Any information on these are highly appreciated!
Best regards

Hi Finn,
First a question from my side.
RANC14 is this a sort of powder?

In italy, many, many shotshells carry the name of the powder used in that case.
Names like ballistite, mullerite, diamante. ( diamond ) are well known.
But names like aster, vulcano, RK6, and many others are to be found.
When interested I can make some pictures of them.
So it is very well possible that the RANC14 cases are used by hunters.
I have no idea when or how long they have been loaded though.

Hope this is of any help.
Regards rené

Thanks again, @polman!
As @fede says in his reply above,is this a powder made at Raufoss,Norway and exported to Italy,probably in the late sixties. I`m not sure exactly when…

As a shotgunshell collector from Norway,it is of course these shells with the stamp of Raufoss Ammunisjonsfabrikker that are most interesting,and I sure would like to have them in my collection.
Do you know if they are rare?
(If anybody have some empty shells,please let me know)…(O:

But I am a realist,so I dear to ask mr.polman for permission to use his photos at the KVF-site that i linked to above…?

If there exist more cartridges out there with RANK 14 printed,we would sure like to see them!

Best Regards Finn

Hi Finn,
I didn’t look close enough for the RANC 14.
I should have red fede’s post. ;-)

Feel free to use the pictures, and when you need better or more pictures just send me a PM or an email.

I will keep my eyes open for you.
No problem.

Regards rené