Nosler 9mmP Bonded Bullet-also 40

The Nosler website shows a line of autopistol ammunition, and some of the images indicate it has a NOSLER headstamp.

Has anyone acquired any of this ammunition in 9mmP? There is a box of 40 S&W on gunbroker
but the 9mm looks to be out of stock everywhere I look.

This new stuff is more difficult to find. On a table in Europe I found the new BARNES headstamp on 9mm, and think I have found the PIERCE headstamped round. Fede pointed me at the steel case HOTSHOT 9mm Luger made in the Ukraine, and I’m told that ZVS made the same headstamp in brass case!



I hope that when you find time you will post photos of your Barnes round and headstamp (and any new stuff you may have found while visiting the shows in Europe).


Email requests for test samples a while back went unanswered. A call to Nosler today (and the very helpful Ms Roberts) yielded that the only item in production is #39123, .40SW 200gr JHP. approx. $22 per box of 20.

She stated the other calibers, including the tipped versions, are not expected to be produced until 2015.

It is my understanding that the 64gr bonded pill by Nosler is also the same as Winchester uses in their Ranger Bonded .223; for this reason I’d guess that the .223 may be harder to find since no other manufacturer is using the handgun pills in large quantities.

I don’t rate my own CC here (probably a good thing), so if I can cajole my Lt. to buy some of the existing .40SW rounds, I’ll post all the info, tests, etc. asap.

She stated the other calibers, including the tipped versions, are not expected to be produced until 2015.
Wow! That’s pretty bad when a major industry manufacturer doesn’t produce a publicized new line of ammo like that until a full 2.5 years after debuting it at SHOT show. I was looking forward to those new little blue-tip ones. They may want to let MidwayUSA know that their expected arrival of Feb 2014 is a little off:

Glad to see that boredom brought a new post to your slowed down existence.
Hope you are feeling a little better.
I keep looking for the Nosler and can’t find it either.
I did pick up a couple of 25 round Ted Nugent 9mm boxes last weekend. 9mm over NUGENT headstamp…


As much as I laud ATK stuff, even they sometimes have ridiculous lags on products already in their catalogs. Their 200gr .40SW Gold Dot and 125gr+p.38Sp HST took wayyy longer than I wanted. I see Nosler as a smaller outfit, fairly new to the defense ammo game, so maybe it seems less shocking.

Anytime websites/sheets have only rendered/digital images and no actual photos of the ammo/boxes, that’s a frequent clue to me.

I hope someday for a .223 Accubond in the 69-75gr range. That to me is an ideal police patrol rifle projo.

If anyone has a Nosler 9mm from the ShotShow, I’d be very interested in knowing the headstamp.

GaryM, thanks for the info on the Ted Nugent Headstamp.

Just for info, ASYM (who sells their headstamp in 45ACP) still has not put their headstamp on the 9mmP they sell.I contacted them a few weeks ago and they said they are still planning on an ASYM headstamp but haven’t yet organized it. Apparently the demand for 9mm ammo has made it more difficult to have ammo with special headstamps more difficult or more expernsive to obtain.


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Here are some images of the new Nugent box style and the new 9mm Nugent headstamp. These are 20rd boxes though, and not 25 like you mention. It looks like Ammotogo, JG Sales, and Cheaperthandirt are all carrying it in stock, but Pierce (who manufacturers it), ATI (the distributor), and the Nugentammo website do not show it at all. The box label has a date on it of 9/25/13: