Not a Cartridge, but a Tool for...?

I have had this tool since the early 70s’, and have not been able to positively identify it.
Best guess is an early version [1918~1919?] of the pre-M2 Browning machinegun maintanance tool: It is not as curved as the “butterfly” tool that we had for the Ma Duce, and there is no identification number on it.
Maybe it is for one of the larger guns?
After many years of searching, I have not found the same tool pictured. Thanks!
50m2hb, maybe you know?

“Muzzle gland” makes me think of the water cooled .30 caliber M-1917. This certainly is not familiar to me from my time as an M-2 gunner. Seems more like an armorer’s tool instead of an operator’s. The size of the tool and what the various elemets are marked for make me think of something larger like a 20mm or 40mm gun. Back to the muzzle gland issue, wasn’t the 1.1" AA gun water cooled?

This is the tool for the .50 M2 Browning it seems (Dorsey and Shaffer, v. 2, p. 116), so I suppose the ‘muzzle bearing’ provision was for its water-cooled version and thus omitted in later editions of the tool. Jack

Thanks Jack. I had totally forgotten about the water cooled .50. At least I was on the right track :)
Is this an armorer’s tool or for the operator? I do not recall ever having to tighten or adjust anything beyond head-space and timing on Ma Deuce.

Thanks, Jack. Any chance you can scan or photograph and post that page?
I have seen lots of similar tools, but not one that has the same shape, they were all considerably more curved.
I am not so familiar with the older MGs’, or auto-canons, so I draw a blank.

The Dorsey and Shaffer book does not indicate whether for armorers or users, but cites TM 9-225, 30 April 1942. Other than the TM citation that book does not provide information not seen here; the book is a thick paperback and will not bear opening enough for a decent copy to be made. Jack

Jack, thanks for the references.
I found .pdf copies of the “TM 9-225 Browning Machine Gun Caliber .50, M2, Aircraft, Fixed And Flexible”,from 1940 & 1942, and “TM 9-226 Browning Machine Gun Cal. .50, M2, Water-Cooled And Mounts”, 1943. I will take a look and see if the same tool is listed there.