Not a wildcat I think?


I have had this for years showed it to a few people can’t find it anywhere, what do I have? thats a .308" bullet, there is no headstamp just plain. Thats a 223 Rem (5.56mm) next to it. same case head dia. as the 223 Rem. thanks



The 223 case leaves very liitle room for an adequate shoulder when necked up to 30 caliber. The 7x45 Ingram and 7 TCU are examples that are near the upper limit. Yours appears to be a 30 caliber version of the Ingram or it may be a long version of the 300 Whisper.



Ray, I have a lot of widcats a nothing is close, the neck is too long for a wildcat at least to me. Somebody delevoping a new wildcat is going to use more of the case in the design almost always.
And you can’t see it in the pic but this round is very well put together, looks like a factory made round to me but with no headstamp.



You are posting the thumbnail of the picture you want to post. It is only 160x120 pixels. Your photo is 799x599 pixels. In Photobucket click on and copy the IMG CODE block under the thumbnail of the photo you want to post and paste that into your message. Then we all can see your nice pictures.


The Whisper has a neck that’s about .300" long. Most are made from 221 Remington brass but I’ve seen some made from 223 and 5.6x54.

But, if it’s factory then it probably is not a Whisper.



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the case is 1.695" OAL is 2.255" that line at the base of the case that looks like a sizing mark is not its a shadow. maybe I’ll have Phil post the headstamp tooo!


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I don’t know what the problem is but it’s not your pictures, they are just fine.


This is an australian .308 Myra (7,8 x 43 mm) factory cartridge. Case is based in .222 Remington.


Thank you very much Fede, I had forgot about posting this cartridge back in 12/2009. Next step is to find it and label it.