Not quite "ammunition", but

Just for “curiosity”, but have any of you, perchance, seen this from Old Western Scrounger/Navy Arms?

“Direct from a source in Germany, we have a very small number of original World War II German V1 Rocket detonators. These were dug up, but are in very good condition, no rust, and complete. The item comes with a 7-page set of documents including original German engineering drawings, photo of a cutaway view and a disassembled view of the detonator, as well as a signed authentication letter from Val Forgett III on Navy Arms stationary describing the item, where it was obtained from, and summarizing the documents enclosed with the item.”

Over the years, I’ve seen a large number of these in the UK and they are invariably ‘water recovered’ The exterior may appear OK but the internals have almost always suffered from the ingress of water. Caveat emptor.

First of all this is quite very much ammunition.

Just overpriced and these are the ones in the worst condition of those recovered.
When these had shown up in Germany the price was about 10% of that what is being asked here.

And at that price they at least could have put out the correct designation of it: Z (80)A
This is an all-ways action impact fuze and no detonator.
And to be correct just one of the 3 different types installed.
One was an electric “graze” contact “Z (106)” in case it went down in a low angle descend (if the prescribed dive mode failed). The second was a time fuze “Z (17)” for self destruction if the other two had failed.

I just thought it was cool because this is the type of stuff they used to carry back in the ‘Old Days’ at both Navy Arms and OWS- remember when he sold Tanks and Artillery?

It IS cool! Just that these here were found some 20 years ago in Germany or nearby.

I can only imagine the treasures that have not been unearthed yet… but I would love to try!

Just that this would be illegal in most countries…

… unfortunately, and glad to still live in a [mostly] free society in the U.S.A.

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Mostly free has nothing to do with it. The persons doing this, whether diving or using metal detectors are breaking laws that are there for good reason. They recover many of these items with little regard for the hazard, transport them over public roadways, strip them (if they bother) of hazardous components in areas that are not safe (neighborhoods, homes, etc) and dispose of the hazardous explosive components often by dumping them back in the waterways or soil. Think carefully before you support these activities, either by your purchases or by your posts, the end doesn’t always justify the means.

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I am not advocating stupidity.
I am not advocating illegal activities.
I am not advocating dumping of waste products.
I am only stating I am glad to live in a country where I am free to search for stuff, and if I fnd it, I am intelligent enough to know what to do with it.

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