Not quite cartridges, but


They were made to look like cartridges. None of these are made from cartridge componants, unlike some of the keychain items or pens, etc… made from cartridge cases and such. Left item is a Chinese made “dummy cartridge” possibly for a key chain. All steel, brass and copper plated. This item was discussed here a while ago. Second item is a “punch cutter” for cigars. Brass plated steel and very heavy. The last item is a valve stem cover for auto/bicycle use, hollow aluminum, threaded inside. The yellow color is anodizing maybe and the “projectile” is simply the finish turned off to reveal the bare aluminum underneath. What do you guys have in this same theme?



AKMS - what are the parameters here? I have four keychain dummies - two 9mm and two .45 Auto that are turned out of solid brass or aluminum. They were never real cartridges, but were made specifically for keychains. Does this count? I ask because there are, of course, “real” dummy cartridges made for firearms or ammunition-related purposes (functional dummies, snap caps, commemorative cartridges, etc.) that I do not feel would come into the scope of your posting. I have a couple of dozen or more other keychains, but all the others use some original cartridge components (cases, bullets) in their manufacture. I am sure they don’t count!

If you want, I will scan them and get my friend Joe to post them for me.



I have a lot of this type of stuff. Mostly cigarette lighters, ball point pens, cigarette holders (containers), etc. Go on E-bay and type in “bullets”. You’ll find a lot of interesting things. Even the so called “bullet bras” from the 1950s and 1960s. Nothing whatsoever to do with bullets but . . .



About 3 years ago before I knew much about cartridges I used to type that in on ebay, I got an awful lot of stuff to do with the band Bullet for my Valentine. I still do that search occasionally, as some interesting “old bullets” as people put it can be found being sold by people who do not know what they have.


I have an odd one that fits your profile. It measures out to approximately 7.5x45, with a heavy nk case and bullet. The bullet slides freely in the case but stays connected within the case mouth. The headstamp is “MYM 6-293-36” on a flat base. I belive it is for some kind of toy.


This is a good idea to document toy and ammo “look a like” items.

I have several of these-some in precious metal and some which I hang on the Christmas tree. I will have to wait for Christmas to get those out.

I call this stuff “FAUXAMMO”. That is FOAMMO for those of us who do not read French. This means FAKE or artifical ammo. Some of it is quite interesting.

Here is an unusual take on it. Usually you see vases made out of cartridge cases. This vase from Japan is made to look like a cartridge case. It is made from a solid bar stock. I call it a 25mm vasefire. A vet bring back with image of Mt. Fuji , sailboat etc.

The most elaborate item of FAUXAMMO which I have ever seen is this Schnapps decanter made by Junghans(fuze manufacturer) for Field Marshall Kesselring. Made to look like an 88mm AA shell - life size. This is entirely nonordnance components.


Is the hole where the primer would be on the real thing plugged? If not, not a very effective vase design.


It was screwed to a wooden base through the hole. After WW2 there were strict laws against Japanese having military gear, weapons,ammo etc.

This was made as a military souvenir for GIs. The case walls are very thick and are far thicker than any shell case would be.The base is also far wider than any rim would be.

I wish it were a real shell. It would be very valuable as there are no known cartridges of this size.


I also thought the rim looked far too wide for the 25mm Vasefire to be a real shell.