Not really a sell ad. Just a heads up for those interested


The international ECRA show will be hosted in the Netherlands at the end of September.

I will be on the floor with a table and will bring some nice items, for display as well as for sale.

Some items for sale will be:
-A 3mm Kolibri round.
-A 6.5mm Bergmann round.
-A small lot of 10.6mm Mauser Zig/Zag rounds.
-Examples of the experimental steel 9mm cases by MEN.

If anyone of the international collectors is interested, perhaps one of our international visitors can pick them up for them.

Looking forward to seeing you guys there.


I hope to make an ECRA show someday, but unfortunately I will have to wait until I retire! And that’s not too far off!


Good to know. CU!


The 2016 ECRA show was very nice. Met a number of people, a lot of chit-chat and some interesting items bought and sold.

It was fun to meet up and have a chat with Lew and some other guys from the forum. I completely forgot to take any pictures, so I hope others will chime in and show some photos from the show.