Not so bad



Thank you jeanpierre !!

I enjoyed watching that video A LOT.

I remember reading Asterix when I was growing up in Quebec in “Pilot” (?).



Very nice flying! A credit to the French airmen involved. I don’t understand what it is about, but the flying speaks for itself, including the sky-wrtiing, or in this case, sky-art.

John Moss


[hi glenn,
the french name of the magazine is Pilote (a pilote is a car or an aircraft driver)
Nice to discover you speak french, you therefore belong to our canadian “cousins”

hi John,
you don’t know the adventures of Asterix , the Gallic guy ??



J-P: sorry, never heard of the guy. A cartoon character perhaps?

John Moss


[quote=“JohnMoss”]J-P: sorry, never heard of the guy. A cartoon character perhaps?

John Moss[/quote]

John, yes it is a cartoon;
the story is very simple;
Caesar with his guys has invaded the country.
Only a small village didn’t surrender because they have a magic potion
A small guy, Asterix and a big fact guy , Obelix are the heroes




"the french name of the magazine is Pilote "

That’s what I wrote the first time and then changed it.
Unfortunately I have not used my French in too many years as I now live in Calgary Alberta -my fault .



Is “Obelik” a big “FACT” guy, or a big “FAT” guy. If the latter, I love it. I like it when the fat guys are the heroes! I wonder why? : ) : )

John Moss


Obelix is a big fat guy !





Jeanpierre, the majority of non-Francophile world is unfamiliar with this popular (in France) cartoon. If you like French flying, find an old French movie called “Le Ciel Sur La Tete” (Yves Ciampi,1964, aircraft carrier Clemenceau) or call me.


Wel, at least over here in the civilized part of Europe (the Benelux), Asterix is a household name and many grew up with his books.

What makes the series so special is that they are based on early European history, which is an excellent situation in which to mock the current European state of affairs.

For those who are totally unfamiliar with it, the stories play in the times when the whole Western-European continent was controlled by the Roman empire. Except for one small village, that of Asterix.

My favorite book is still ‘Asterix and the Belgians’.

Also lots of cameo appearances in the comic, like this one: