Not sure what caliber brass these are

Hi all,
I have just begun reloading and was given some of the gear and casings that my Grandpa had I am 29 and My Grandpa was in WWII. I came across a few brass that had a head stamp that did not identify what caliber it is. I tried to do some research and the most I could find was they might be from WWII. They are about the same size as a normal 30-06 casing. I have a few that have different stamps, reading clockwise, one shows (T W 3 5); (L O 7 5); (4 3 T W); (U 4 3) and (5 L C). A few reasons I am looking to better identify the casings is, 1) I would like to know if it I would be able to reload and use in my 30-06 rifle. 2) If it is from WWII, I would just plan on holding onto it (I have a huge interest in WWII memorabilia, especially something simple like this that was tied to my Grandfather as well). 3) Getting more familiar with brass stamps will help me to be safer and better off when reloading, as to not use the wrong brass. I dont want to make a mistake and mix up brass that is close to but not the same as what I should use…example .223 and 5.56 rnds.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I won’t get into the .223 vs 5.56 issue here, but I wouldn’t worry about that too much.
From your brief description, sounds like all your brass is pretty common .30-06. Some of your dates are reversed, as you probably have 53 and 57 production, not 35 and 75. To ID your headstamps, go to the IAA Home Page and check out the Headstamp Identification pages.


They are most likely a mix of WW II and KW, Cal .30 (30-06).

TW 53 is Twin Cities 1953

LO 75 is ??? You need to look again at that headstamp. Maybe LC 57 ??

TW 43 is Twin Cities 1943

U 43 is Utah 1943

LC 5 is Lake City 1955.

In general, Cal .30 (military)cases are the same as 30-06. 7.62mm NATO (military) are the same as 308 Winchester. 5.56mm (military) are the same as 223 Remington. But, for collecting purposes they should be kept seperated. Even with commercial brass, such as Remington and Winchester, it’s always a good idea to keep them seperated.


Hello JBQTS,

Just for future reference, you might find that responses to specific reloading-related questions may be limited due to forum rules stating that reloading advice, and go vs no-go reloading safety tips being topics that are usually not allowed for discussion. Brass and projectile ID’ing is fine though.


I agree that the Forum is not a place for handloading advice or recommendations. I cringe when I see very specific load data on other forums.

Note that I’ve edited my last post to replace the word “handloading” with “collecting”.


JBQTS - Suggest you go out and buy some new or fired commercial .30-'06 brass for your intended purpose. It’s cheap.

I appreciate the info for the head stamps. As far as the reloading info, It was not suppoed to sound like I wanted someone to tell me if it was fine to reoload. I would have to make that call. I was more or less stating that tid bit to see if the brass should fit in an ‘06’ rifle or be the same size as a modern 30-06 rnd.