Not technically Ammo related, but of historical significance

This is not ammmunition, but it is related, in a historical context.

This is a stamp from a custom gun maker, “Carters Gun Works”, in Charlottrsville, Va. He was active through the 1960s’, (but I am unsure when he ceased operations).

There are two especially interesting thigs about Mr. William M. Carter.

First, Mr. Carter published a book titled, “Guns at Carter’s Gun Works: Pistols–Shotguns–Rifles of All Kinds”, Author, Carter’s Gun Works, Charlottesville, Va., Published 1956 [I am looking for a copy].

Second, Mr. Carter testified on the hearings of GCA 68, (1968, July 10), and argued against it with Senator Dodd.

Sen Dodd, who sat at the Nuremburg Trials, was so enamoured of the 1936 Nazi gun law, which forbade Jewish and Gypsy Citizens from owning firearms, that he took a copy to the Library of Congress and had it translated, and that was the basis of GCA 68.

Here is an iteresting coment by Mr. Carter that has relevence today:

“We are amazed when we read in our newspapers on the same page that more strict regulations are called for with relationship to firearms and right over in the next column we read that consideration is being given to make the use of marihuana less unlawful, Gentlemen we wonder…”


Jack, interesting stamp, thanks for sharing. I have a file about him because he was also a dealer of cartridges for collectors.



Fede, very cool!
If possible, you can send me anything you have on him, not necessarily his collection, but business and personal info? I will PM with email and celll phone.

I found a copy of his book at the Univerciy of Virginia Library, (which appears to be the only copy that can be referenced). I am “only” about a 3 hour drive away, but they are in the process of moving the library, so it may be a couple months before I can go see it.