Novelty "bullet"


Haven’t seen one of these before.


I can’t see the headstamp clearly - is there an inscription “nicotine 0.8 mg, tar 8 mg, carbon oxide 7mg” or some other parameters of the cratridge like that? :)


Looks like GFL 380 9x17.


I wonder if that is a real item, or if it was just a piece of digital art made in Photoshop? And if it was a real item was it a one-off just for an art project, or an article of some sort? I can only guess that the meaning would be to liken the long term effects of smoking to the terminal effects of a bullet on a person.


That is a photoshop creation in my opinion. The 380 case is much larger than a marlboro cigarette


Yeah, the most common cigarretes are of .30 caliber, not .380! :)


I hadn’t thought of photoshop, bet thats how it was done.