Noveske ammunition

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New headstamp for some of y’all I suspect.

The 5.56x45mm stuff doesn’t meet our requirements, but I’ll probably try to get some anyways. If it’s rollout is anything like Nosler’s police ammo, then I wouldn’t get excited for at least 6-8mos.

The .300BLK stuff looks fantastic, and the glow-in-the-dark tip is a cool idea that I honestly haven’t seen or even imagined.

Glow in the dark tip for easy identification of loaded rounds. As opposed to not loaded (no bullet) rounds or fired, wasted rounds (the ones with a bullet gone)? I am not sure what purpose it may have because a shooter must be able to tell between bulleted and un-bulleted cartridges by touch, so the absence of light can’t be a detriment.

I have an e-mail from Tim O’Toole of Noveske in which he states that the Nosler produced ammunition bearing the Noveske h/s is not expected to be available until early fall. Tim did mention that he would keep me informed of any changes regarding availability of either the .223/5.56 or the .300

I certainly hope that Nosler releases this sooner than their promised bonded polymer tip pistol ammo which was advertised over one year ago, but is not due out for another year.

And while on the subject of the .300 BLK (and at the risk of violating forum decorum); I don’t know about anyone else, but I am entirely fed up with the whole atmosphere surrounding the .300 Blackout. Coming from a guy such as myself who has a quasi-appreciation for zombie & vampire ammo, I feel like this is saying a lot. It just seems like every guy I come across (not at this forum) online talking about the .300, worships the caliber and goes on at length as if they are some sort of legitimate spec ops operator or master zombie hunter that makes uncommonly sage use of this uber-caliber. It’s like the caliber for people who are just too cool to even use the 6.8 SPC, never mind the .223 or .308. I’m certain that this group is who these Noveske cartridges are geared towards, and the seriousness with which the glowing tip is marketed says it all. I honestly wonder if John Noveske had knowledge or agreement towards the marketing of this cartridge with his name on it before his death last year in January, and/or if this is just taking advantage of his name, since much of the same sort who worship the .300, worship him as well.

This being said, and in the spirit of John Moss also being compelled to purchase zombie ammo which he despises, I also plan on purchasing these glowing tips for collector’s sake.

Amen D.K. These are the “Boy Commandos” I speak of occasionally. Each to his own, but I don’t have to respect them. I know many on this Forum probably think I am the nut, and perhaps they are right! But, on this question, you and I are kindred souls. About 85% of the cartridge case types produced since the end of WWII improve exactly nothing! Some would say after WWI, and frankly, I would not have too much argument with that. That is my view. For hunting, there is no degree to death, and hunters were dropping game in their tracks 65 years before most of these “wonder cartridges” came down the road.

And while on the subject of the .300 BLK (and at the risk of violating forum decorum); I don’t know about anyone else, but I am entirely fed up with the whole atmosphere surrounding the .300 Blackout. [/quote]

Considering that it’s basically the .300 Whisper (give or take a few thou in neck length) which is decades old, and that apart from the better-shaped bullet it replicates the ballistics of the 7.62x39 which is old enough to draw a pension…I agree!

Concur with all on the .300 Blackout being hyped far too much.

I think the “subsonic to supersonic with a mag change” idea is interesting, but the cartridge is nowhere near as ballistically impressive as its proponents make it out to be.

I’d much rather have a 5.56mm and hit what I’m aiming at!


I feel much the same way. I regard the ‘fanboying’ of the .300BLK much in the same way as that of the 5.7x28mm…it’s a very specialized cartridge, designed for a specialized role in conjunction with specialized equipment. As a general-purpose cartridge, it is overpriced underpowered and surpassed by many other cheaper more versatile loadings. The 6.8SPC is a far superior loading for non-suppressed hunting, target, and antipersonnel usage.

The gobs of folks employing it without a suppressor are missing the point. I am in the process of building a .300BLK upper, but I’m acutely aware of the cartridge’s limitations and purpose. I’ll be using it for short-range hunting and target shooting mostly; the supersonic loads (Rem 125gr!) look great in tests, and for the 50-75yd shot it’ll be a lower signature load than the other centerfire hunting rifles I own (I’m not an ‘operator’, just a grunt cop who has never liked recoil/flash/blast), and will operate much more reliably than the 7.62x39mm AR-pattern rifles I’ve used.

I suppose that the glow-tips could be used for cartridge ID in low/no-light…but this can and has been done for a long while by using different magazines, tactile sensation are noted earlier, or load-out/placement of ammo/mags on personal gear. I believe the ‘loaded rounds’ verbage may refer to rounds loaded in a magazine or chamber?

Either way they look cool, and that’s half the battle in selling gobs of ammo to less knowledgeable folks, which is a foundation of modern commerce. Secret-squirrels use it? Must have! Weird color/shape/profile? Must have! The text ‘stealthy-smooth’ is almost as good as “guaranteed one-shot stop”.

I still beg and plead with Nosler to make/load a .223 AccuBond in the 62-75gr range. I believe that’d be the best of all possible worlds for my use of the AR at work…barrier-blind, no exposed lead at the tip, better accuracy than TBBCs…

I shoot CSR regularly at Bisley with a bunch of shooters who very much likes the straight pull AR platform. There is six league shoots over the winter and one (1) of them is ‘close quarter’ 100 - 25 meters. Some have invested in .300 BLK rifles and moderators for the CQ match, but for use once a year…? The rest of us use our ‘regular’ ARs. a £2000 rifle for one 80 round shoot a year, that’s specialty use if anything…
This years Imperial will be shot by me with FN 2008 made production overrun 5,56 mm M855.