Now I have seen everything

You guys might like to take a look at this. I don’t think I will be buying any and as a product I can’t forsee a long life expectancy.
If as the cartoon suggests there will be a new headstamp associated with it there’s justification for posting it on here and recording it.

Happy eating

Might just be worth buying a box as an investment.

Purely from a collectors view, investing in a box or two may be very smart but I can see storage problems for loaded shells. If they are biodegradeable then they would probably disolve in the case over time. What a mess!
Now the boxes! There may be something there.
The creators of this may be related to P.T. Barnam.

Gives a whole new meaning to “peppering it with gun fire”!

I love special purpose ammo

I will find a way to preserve it !

(maybe one of those poured plastic block gizmos!)

after all…with a God given middle name of “Pepper”…I should be signed up as a spokesman

(if they did that…there’s be "samples for all IAA members !!!)

if they go to market…I think they’d have a burst of buys from us collector types…especially if they had a unique headstamp !

Pepper Burruss

I called the company, but had to leave a voicemail as the guy I needed to talk to was not in. I’ll report back about it if he returns my call. I’ll ask about headstamps and shelf life, availability for collectors, etc.

I thought Elmer Fudd just loaded up the salt and pepper shakers into the ole double barrel!!! LOL


I can see a three problems that come to mind immediatly with this cartridge.
First and most importantly the ballistic implications of firing shot made from what appears to be compressed chilli powder.
The ballistic coefficient would be so poor that the pellets would be dropping out of the sky spent after about twenty yards.

The second problem is, to do with the nature of shotgun patterns and the small body size of a pheasant. A shot bird is only hit by three or four pellets. Its this enough seasoning to flavour the meat?

The third problem, chilli roast pheasant? yuk

April 1st comes early this year.

Your “2nd problem” is not an issue in the US. “WE” put 100% of our shot into the bird. AND we are used to fast food! SO the only thing we need to develope is how to put some phosphorus right behind that seasoning shot so the bird coms down cooked!!! LMAO!!!


I saw this website a long time ago, it was way back (well it seems like that to me) when I was still in high school, so it is obviously not an April Fool’s joke.

I don’t have the time to dig for it, but I could have sworn that I saw the patent or patent application for it during one of my USPTO searches.