Now this was a bit of a surprise!

This was included in an interesting group of old ammunition. I didn’t look very carefully as I was rather taken with the two Gibbs No1s. But last night I got this out thinking it was a .303 round. But of course, it is anything but! After getting over the surprise I see it’s German, but what was the doner round??!

I’ll add other pics in separate posts

I haven’t made it work as yet but I think it needs a separate striker!

Any information would be gratefully received


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Almost looks like a lighter wick at the very tip.
8x50 R Austrian by Gorg Roth ca 1908

Yep, it most certainly is. It is rather more sophisticated than the WW1 trench art lighters but doesn’t seem to have a striker mechanism. The dark piece is, I think, flint but so far I’ve failed to raise a spark from it.

It doesn’t appear to be a homemade piece, the quality of the screw is far too good. It never appears to have been used. I’m wondering if anybody else has ever seen one.

As the neck is stamped “gesetzlich geschützt” (ges.Gesch.) which means “protected by law”, it is factory made…mostly during or after the ww1…
There are several types of such lighters. Usually you could spark the “flints” with the rest of the bulletjacket, or they had their scratching wheel (i dont know the correct name in english) mounted besides the exit of the hole for the burning-rope and a flintstone from Auermetall (CER and Ironmixture) in a tube to be scratched by the wheel, the tube could be refilled with this flints…Also contained in several catalogues, like ALFA 1911 a.s.o.