im a looking for detailed information about propellant “Nitropenta -Gewehr - Röhrenpulver” or similar type “Np”. I know its a mixture of nitrocellulose + PETN.
I will be grateful for sending information from a good source.


The book Picatinny Arsenal Technical Report No. 2510, Dictionary of Explosives, Ammunition and Weapons (German Section), by Basil T.Fedoroff, Henry A.Aaronson, George D.Clift, Earl F.Reese, published in 1958, contains a detailed explanantion of how Nitropenta was manufactured. The book was later reprinted by Military Arms Research Service.

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The Picatinny report cited by Vidar on page 141 (Table 42) lists several different compositions used in 7.9 mm cartridges:

  1. 34.3 % NC (nitrated to 12.2 % N) and 63.8 % PETN
  2. 32.0 % NC (nitrated to 12.5 % N) and 60.0 % PETN plus 7 % unaccounted
  3. 56.0 % NC (nitrated to 13.2 % N) and 34.0 % PETN plus 10 % Centralite/Dinitrotoluene
    Numbers 2 and 3 have an “HVAP” remark, presumably refering to the SmK(H), while number 1 is “AP” which could refer to an SmK-v- for Luftwaffe.
    I know of no German source of similar information.

Thanks, I did not know that!

Thank you, Im especially interested in Np for HV :)