NRC (Thailand) 9x19mm "Black Series" And Additional Items

Images from Nerak (Nerac) Arms Industry Company, Thailand:

September, 2019


Photo below is dated March 20, 2019
Google translation: New product line from NRC called “Red Bean”.

Photo below is dated March 31, 2019
Google translation of some of the descriptive text: The LRN manufactured by NRC is coated with Teflon.

The box labels language, including abbreviations, and content look like they were intended for an English-speaking market. I know a lot of Thai people speak English, but this seems to go beyond that. Does anyone know of any exportation of this ammunition out of Thailand?

John Moss

Some of their cases have been Burmese or GFL headstamped and shotshells using Cheddite cases. Possibly English for Malaysia or Australia? Can anyone in the South part of the world confirm?

I was unable to find a NRC website if there is one.
Anybody with a link?

no website just a facebook page