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Newer Ammunition Company in Thailand, since 2016.Naka Arms Industry Co., Ltd. - Khao Khlung, Ban Pong, Ratchaburi . Does anyone have a better headstamp?

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edited to correct spelling of company name

Curtis, the name of this company is Naracarms Industry Co., Ltd. We recently discussed their medium caliber production in this thread: 30x164 and 30x173 BUT with BRASS case



On their page they refer to themselves in different name spellings. Naracarms Industry Co Ltd, is on their Boxes. The spelling I had above (Naka Arms) is on the bottom of their own webpages (See screen print below). And then on their history page they refer to themselves as: NARAK ARS INDUSTRY CO., LTD (copied directly from page)…Maybe translation differences or spelling errors on their own part?.. Not sure.
I see on company registry though it is listed as you say Narac Arms
and founded in 2006 and not 2013 as I understood from their page (Thai year 2559). Goes to show you can’t even trust the manufacturers web sites sometimes when translations are involved.

But I was looking for a better small arms headstamp. I never read the posts above 20mm as have no interest but should for company information.

But I did just find a better headstamp on a Thai site, for anyone interested…here it is.
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Yes, their recent boxes are marked “Naracarms” and one of their catalog is titled “Narac Arms”, but it seems that “Naka Arms” is most likely a translation mistake. Said catalog states that this company was established on September 19, 2006.

Excellent, that confirms my last info I had as well with the 2006 date. Your a good man my friend!