NRS-2 shooting knife


I was at a show and a dealer had a scabbard of NRS-2 Russian bayonet, without a bayo. He said the bayo fired a sunken bullet cartridge all by itself, without a gun. What calibre? I did not buy that scabbard ($150). Any info whatsoever will be appreciated. I never heard of such a thing. Dan Dietz at the show said that very few of them were allowed to be imported. Thanks aforehand.


I believe these are chambered for the 7,62 x 42 mm SP-3. Piston-based cartridge as often found in Russian «silent» short range weapons (the propelling charge pushes the piston forwards launching the projectile).


The SP-3 is 7.62x35 actually.

The NRS-2 (not a bayonet) is using the 7.62x42 SP-4 and since recently the 7N36 too.


You are of course right, EOD, I meant the SP4. My apoligies.


as said above NRS-2 is not a bayonet but a “Shooting Knife for Recon [troops], 2nd model” (Нож Разведчика Стреляющий 2)
1st model NRS shoots SP-3 ammo, NRS-2 shoots SP-4 ammo and has slightly different blade, IIRC




Special Knife … (Нож Разведчика Специальный…)