Nts Red Plastic 9mm Ex rounds


Was taking some images today and decided to post them.

The nts headstamped red plastic Ex rounds are probably the most difficult to find, ranking with or just above the black plastic P 40 Ex rounds.

The rounds were made by Presswerk u. Drechslerwarenfabrik, Liban Kreis Fatschin/Protektorat. Documented production dates are 1943 through 1945. The 43 dated Ex has serifs on the headstamp. I suspect there is also a 43 date without the Serifs since that is true with the ay & lpk Ex rounds. I also think the one with just the “4” date uses the bunter from the unserif 43 and they just removed the 3 for the 44 dated Ex. I understood that the unheadstamp round was also by nts, but how to know??? Both ay & lpk also used the transparent plastic. There is also a 45 date confirmed in nts which is high on my wantlist.

Has anyone a photo/image of the nts 45 or the nts 43 without serifs?

Are there any other variations??? The Woodin Lab has two of these with identical headstamps but an x-ray shows very different shape to the internal steel part.



Before I had checked the forum, I already had sent Lew the photo he requested of an nts 43 round with no serifs on the lettes. He will probably post it here, so noone else need bother with it. It confirms that it exists, of course, but also that the single “4” nts round used a “43” non-serif bunter with the “3” ground off, evident from the shape of the “4” and the spacing of it.


“Brechslarwarenfabrik” looks as if you were given the name over the phone. It is “Drechslerwarenfabrik” (factory of woodturning goods).


JPeelen, No all my fault. It is correct in the data I had but retyping with distractions and a feeble brain was all I have to explain the mistakes. Thanks for the correction.



An IAA member got in touch with me today. He recently found a full box of the nts 43 Ex red plastic as illustrated by John Moss. The box turned up in a Garage sale in Maine, along with some other interesting boxes. This more than triples the number of nts red plastic rounds I know of! Amazing the stuff that is still out there!

Note that the left portion of the label was missing and is recreated in the image above.

Has anyone else seen one of these boxes???

How about an image of a nts 45 date???




there are more out there.
I remember that about 10 years ago a full box was auctioned at EBAY



Rene, I remember that about 10 years ago a couple of boxes of lpk red plastic and at least one box of ay red plastic, but I have no record of a box of nts on ebay! Still, I am not quite perfect, as you well know, so I could have missed it. Would like to chase it down if anyone happened to make a copy of this.

Thanks for the hint.




can’t remember wich H/S they had. could as well been something else.
just remembered that they went for (what I thought) a lot of money




A few years ago one box was selling at the Dutch meeting but it was a Polte one.
These boxes are very scares and highly priced.
Even in 7,9 these boxes are very rare , strange because single rounds you find on every meeting ( the red ones )
Personally I never saw a box for the black ones but I guess that`s the same for the 9mm.



Yes, the black 9 mm dummies (not to be confused with the common and very similar made in East Germany during the period of the division of Germany) are somewhat scarcer than the red ones in general. Most have no headstamp, but a very rare version has the headstamp " P 40 " unusual in being only a two-entry stamping and with the customary “Ex” on the headstamp.

I, too, have never seen any packaging of any kind for either variation of the black plastic round, either in 9 mm or 7.9 x 57 mm.