"NUGENT" headstamp on 10mm 357mag 44mag

There had been a post here a while back ( http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=12620 ) about how there is now “Ted Nugent” ammo, which is sold by Cabelas, Pierce Munitions, and a few others. I had sort of glossed over it, because I figured it was one of the many novelty endorsement loads which uses commercial components and just slaps an image on the package, but is otherwise no different than whatever factory load it is identical to. I did however end up ordering some 10mm auto Nugent ammo from Cabelas recently with a few other things, and when it arrived I was surprised to see that it has a “NUGENT” headstamp. It is a 180gr Speer Gold Dot bullet (they refer to it as “Uni-cor”), and a brass case (not sure of the brass manufacturer or loader).

ATI is the master distributor and they show many rifle calibers, and 4 pistol calibers. All the rifle calibers have Barnes TSX or TTSX bullets, and all pistol caibers have Speer Gold-Dot (Uni-cor) HP bullets. There is .44mag in both 240gr and 270gr, .357mag in both 158gr and 170gr, .45 Colt in 260gr, and the 10mm load mentioned above. I have no idea if the other loads in rifle or pistol show a NUGENT headstamp. There is a also a .50BMG in collector packaging.

American Tactical Imports (ATI):

Looks like somebody in the Ruger forum noticed this back in August as well:

It looks like the partnership between ATI and Pierce munitions’ Nugent ammo lasted only one year. The article here from Jan, 2012: http://www.shootingillustrated.com/index.php/19180/ati-to-distribute-ted-nugent-ammo/ explains that Pierce Munitions was manufacturing the Nugent ammo, and that ATI was the distributor to retail sellers. When I last looked at ATI a month ago they were selling it retail from their site, and distributing it, but as of today they show no Nugent ammo, and no reference to it at all. You can still see the Nugent ammo on Ted Nugent’s site, and at Pierce munitions, but not all calibers are in stock. Cabelas shows only 10mm and .44mag in stock for pistol calibers.

I just ordered some of the .44mag and .357mag from the Pierce site to see if they have “Nugent” headstamps. I wish I could confirm it online first for those calibers, but no photos found…

Nugent ammo is still on the ATI website. It takes you to a separate page, always did, but it’s till there. (I never tried ordering it from there, so don’t know about that component.)

Nugent ammo had its own section in the ATI boot at the SHOT Show 2 weeks ago.

Keith - the strange thing is that the ATI website used to have a direct-purchase page set up to purchase Nugent ammo, and it showed all of the calibers, and even had multiple grain weight bullets in .357mag & .44mag which none of the other sellers (Pierce, Cabelas, etc…) showed. The link to see all of this at the ATI site was previously here:

but now that link is dead and I can find nowhere on the ATI site that links to a listing of all the calibers, or a way to purchase it through them. They do have a rotating banner on the hompage which shows Nugent ammo, but it just takes you to this page which is an ad banner only:

It’s not a big deal since Pierce sells the stuff, and they have their own page set aside for Nugent ammo:

It’s just too bad that this site does not show all the grain weight versions for the loads that the ATI webpage used to list, and when you click on some calibers at the above link from Pierce, it comes up saying “no products available” such is the case with .45 Colt

Meanwhile, I did receive some .357mag and .44mag, and they do indeed have Nugent headstamps. This leads me to assume that the .45 Colt must also have a NUGENT headstamp, and the rifle calibers probably do as well:

The photos aren’t clear for all of the cartridges, but I can see that the 30-30 has the ‘NUGENT’ headstamp, also.

Probably lack of availability. Practically nothing ATI has on their website is ACTUALLY in stock at this point. It took me over 6 months to get the Nugent sample I did get.

All the websites I usually browse/buy from are blank when it comes to placing orders. Just product descriptions anymore. I consider myself lucky if they just allow you to place a backorder. Most won’t even do that. Too much panic.

Just noticed today on MidwayUSA that Nugent ammo is now being produced by Double Tap, and they show a full line of calibers under the “new” section for ammo. I had noticed earlier this year that the previous manufacturer for them, Pierce, seems to be out of business, and so Double Tap has picked up manufacturing duties. There is nothing on the Double Tap website showing anything about this, and Double Tap doesn’t do Facebook, so no notice there. Probably means a headstamp font variation for all:


Just heard back from Rhett McNett at Double Tap, and he says that the Nugent line will have either Double Tap or commercial (probably Starline) headstamps for the near future. He did say that .300BLK was in the works for that line.

Just an update on the status of Pierce Munitions - Pierce seemed to close their doors and cease production back in late 2015 when they posted a Facebook message which read: “OUT OF BUSINESS!!!”, but today I noticed that the Pierce Munitions Facebook page was uploading new photos. They (whomever is running the page) replied to me saying that Pierce is not back in business and that they were just feeling nostalgic and posted some old photos of their facility and products. If you ever wondered what kinds of machines they were running, then they are shown in the photos, including their brass draw machine, which d’artagnan can probably tell us something about:

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