Number 2 in home defense

#2 in home defense THE BARK-O-MATIC!

I agree, it requires daily ammo feeding, even though collecting wasted cartridges may prove corrosive to your nose.

[quote=“stevef”]#2 in home defense THE BARK-O-MATIC!


I see they are all FFJ, Full Fur Jacket, as opposed to FMJ…

Spoiled rotten dogs. Y’all oughta be ashamed.

Anybody remember “The Far Side” comic with the Dobie-o-matic?

FFJ, nice
My “crew”

Sksvlad, I have a round exactly like that but she’s pretty old. I think her cat chasing days are all behind her.

All great looking FFJ r/hounds.


Whats that on the right of the pic a Heyana! I see a bassett in the back.


Yes I do rember the dobi-matic!



Tailgunner’s dog looks like an Aussie Shepherd or perhaps a Border Collie. They call those coat markings a “merle”.

I too would like to know what that is on the right. I agree it probably part hyena, with maybe some possum mixed in. Looks like the bassett is the smart one - the only one that has slipped off the gray cover and onto the pillow.

The one on the right is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.
The one on the left is a German Shepherd / Blue Healer cross
And yes, that’s a Basset holding down the pillows

I had a blue healer/Australian shepard mix. Great dog!


I have 150 lbs. + of “bark-o-matic” guarding the castle. Two years ago they went “full-auto” when a drunk or high dumb-a** busted through my front door. Their barking did not deter this scumbag one bit, but it gave me the few seconds I needed to grab a Maglight and the Glock. Fortunately no one died that night, but I no longer beleive that a dog is a deterrant, only an early warning system…



The hyena/possum mix comment made me LOL.

Thats all I want my dogs to be, is an early warning system, at that point I will take care of the rest. And If some scum bag hurts my dogs …well the only thing getting to the hospital before he does is the headlights of the squad he’s in!

What finaly stopped him? the sight of you with a gun? Anyway good Job! AKMS


The Maglight beam in his face and my best imitation of my meanest Marine Corps Drill Instructor’s voice telling him to “Get the F*** out, Get the F*** out, right NOW!” convinced him he was in the wrong house… I kept the Glock out of sight. I’m glad I did not get to see what a .40 S&W Silvertip would do at point-blank range. Not something the wife and kids would need to see…

I love dogs and will always have one or two, for a variety of reasons…


Woulda been nice if you coulda just winged him. Like in the throat or center-mass, maybe. But like you said, the family, unwanted celebrity status, carpet cleaning bill. Yea, just as well.

Now, here’s a real guard-o-matic. Even I don’t go outside when he’s around.


I heard pecarries taste like chicken.


I just bet!! Another FFJ With MCP [multi calicum penatrators] !!!