NWM 7.62x38

I have a Dutch Made 7.62x39 Case headstamped “7.62x38 NWM 59”. It is brass, boxer primer with a nickel plated primer cup and clear pink annulus. I have 2 questions about it: Firstly, why would the Dutch be making 7.62x39 in 1959 and why is the calibre headstamped as 7.62x38? This has never been fired, it looks to be from a round that was dismantled. OAL is 38.5mm.

the Dutch (and German) experimented in those days with Galil AK’s. These ctg’s are actually 38,4 mm in lenght so rounded off it is 38 mm.
There were two types, one with red annulus (ball, lead core) and one with black annulus (ball, steel core).

the Dutch (and German) experimented in those days with Galil AK’s. [/quote]

Actually, 1959 would be way too early for an IMI Galil since its development didn’t start until 1967. However, there were experimental models of the SIG 510, CETME, HK G3, AR-10, and FN FAL made up in 7.62x39mm for the Dutch and Finns.

I have seen these cartridges in a German marked box.

It is a verry intresting story,I will do that later on
Here are some pict of 3 boxes
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Sorry Daniel,

I mixed up with those periods, you’re quite right

Thanks everyone, another one solved.

Gyrojet, those boxes have a commercial “feel” to them, not strictly military looking. Can you give us a small bit of early info?