NWM 9mm box question

I found this insert inside of an undisturbed box. Is it military? I assume this insert makes it commercial.


Am just curious. Why do you think this packing makes the round commercial?

John Moss

I’ve never seen a military box insert (which, I assume, without any knowledge of Dutch) says “Packed, lot number 229”. Up to now all military lot numbers known to me were on the outside of the box. This box has nothing on the outside.

Actually it says: Packed by no. 229
So 229 is not the lot number but most likely some kind of employee number.
I assume it is the same as on ols US boxes where it says: Loader abc, Packer xyz



This ammo is absolutely military!
Ammo with this headstamp is used by The Netherlands Navy between 1958-1967.

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