O.R.M TECH 9x19 Custom Competition 9mm MAJOR

Competition 9mm MAJOR is a very high power loads intended only use in special pistols used in one of the IPSA competition catagories (see https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org/t/355-super-info-needed/6339/5 for details).

I have never heard of O.R.M TECH but they are now offering this 9mm Major ammunition. I checked to see if it had a special headstamp, and found out it is an ordinary looking load with a Team Never Quit (TNQ) headstamp!


Their website is https://ormtechammo.com/

Their address is:

They sound like one of those companies that could grow into using their own headstamp.

They offer quite a few loads in a number of calibers. here is their ordinary 9x19mm box.



I decided to try to look up TNQ ammo. They no longer have any ammo for sale but still sell baseball caps, coffee cups and T-shirts. Their website describes them as “movement of people who…” so it may not even be a real company. It may be in or near Houston, from some of the stuff on the site. The “Mission Statement” of TNQ is

“Team Never Quit embodies the heart of a warrior, men and women in all walks of life who have faced incredible hardship but have chosen not only to survive, but to learn from the experience and make themselves and those around them stronger for it. Our commitment is to honor those who have fallen, stand with those who have survived, and share their stories that we might inspire others to Never Quit.”

The TNQ ammo is actually sold by Able’s, (but not in stock) a sporting good store in Huntsville TX about 40 miles north of Houston. The box of TNQ ammo I have says it is made by PNW Arms Whose website describes them as:

“PNW Arms was established 1993 offering other products such as silencers and suppressors in addition to their PNW Arms ammo line products, 300 AAC Blackout, 338 Lapua and 7.62x51 Ammo. PNW Arms products are used world wide by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Soldiers, Airmen, State and Local Police Officers, Civilian Sports Shooters and many others. PNW Arms prides its self on excellent customer service and high quality products.”

They were located in Potlatch ID but went bankrupt in July 2016.

Their ammo is still listed on a number of websites like Target Sports USA in Cheshire, CT and on Surplus Ammo.com, but is out of stock in all the calibers I checked!

My guess is that there were some TNQ cases floating around after PNW folded and these found their way to ORM Tech who loaded them!

The US ammo business has gotten so complex, I hate myself when I look at a round and say to myself “I wonder who made this?”


PS: It is not clear to me that PNW ever made or loaded cases with their headstamp. I have two PNW boxes in my collection. One has a Speer headstamp and the other a Starline headstamp! It is possible that they ordered the TNQ cases before they folded but only loaded part of them before they went out of business.


Lew - can’t help you on PNW headstamp. Never seen or heard of it until now.

However, can tell you a little more about TNQ. Firstly, according to the ackaging for NUPE cases, TNQ brass was made by Jagemann. TNQ itself is:

Team Never Quit™
Snake River Shooting Products and Consulting, Inc.
1390 W. 12th Street, Emmett, Idaho 83617

I don’t know off hand if they ever loaded any ammo. I have the headstamp on some, but from other loaders. Cabela’s had their brass for awhile, in plastic bags with a lot of printing on it. The passage you quoted, as reproduced on the packaging, describes Jagemann as “our partner.” The rhetoric involved suggests that may just be a description of a friendly relationship, rather than any legal coporate partnership, but that is just a guess on my part.

I have not seen any packaging for ammunition actually loaded by TNQ™. In my field, I have only seen the TNQ headstamp on 9 mm Luger, .40 S&W and .45 Auto brass cases.

John Moss

I have three boxes from PNW in my 45 Auto collection. They all contain “FEDERAL” head stamps.
Joe Goforth

My 9mm box is a “Team Never Quit” box with their logo and everything. The ammo has the TNQ hst. On one end in very small letters:
PNW Arms
along with a very small PNW logo.

It is not obvious that this box is not TMQ made. Are your boxes of TNQ headstamped ammo labeled for other companies like the ORM Tech box above?


Lew, I don’t have any boxes of TNQ ammo, nor do I have a single loaded round. Mine were all NUPE cases in sold in well-labeled plastic bags. I could find any reference to PNW on them, but when I have time tomorrow, I will look again.