O/t Help, how do you translate the term STRIPPER CLIP

I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to other languages, I have a hard enough time with English. I was wondering how does term “STRIPPER CLIP” translate into other languages.

Hopefully with the high number of international members I thought I could get the correct translations. Online translating programs are useless at doing it.

After having a troll around the net I think I have the German and Spanish translations, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Argentine: " [color=blue]peine[/color] " (Thanks to beleg2)
Dutch: " [color=blue]Laadclip[/color] " and " [color=blue]Laadstrip[/color] " (Thanks sir_joost and Vlim)
Finnish: " [color=blue]sidett

Italian - Piastrina porta cartucce (plural: Piastrine)
French: Lame, Chargeur (there may be other words for it, too)
Japanese: Sodanshi (cartridge holder); hodampan (machinegun ammunition). I can’t duplicate the Japanese characters.

There are other words for cartridge “clips” but most I know are what we would call a magazine, like “cargador” in Spanish, or Caricatore in Italian.

Russian - “Обойма”. There is another term “Пачка” which is reserved for M1 Garand type clip, i.e. the one which stays inside the gun until empty. “Обойма” is a charger which is discarded after all the cartridges are pushed inside the gun.

In Hebrew, the word is מטען, pronounced Mitahn.

From the former Yugoslalvia you will find it written at least two different ways:

Can someone explain to me how to enter non-Latin based characters into the forum? I haven

Phil, this question seems to come up regularly here.

Go to windows language settings and enable Russian, in XP you should have that little blue square with white letters “EN” in as your standard setting. When you click on it it p

Hi Phil,

I think the best translation in Dutch is "Laadclip"
and you could translate this in load clip. We also use the term "snellaadclip"
what can be translated in fast loading clip.

all the best,

In Italian is also used the term “lastrina”.However the word “piastrina” is more correct.We also use the expression “piastrina ( or lastrina) di caricamento” ( charging clip)

Germany: In DWM’s usage, the term Ladestreifen (“loading strip”) referred to a Mauser-type stripper clip. However they used the term Laderahmen (“loading frame”) for the 7.62x54R Mosin-Nagant charger (called their Laderahmen No.5), presumably because of its raised sidewalls.

DWM clearly differentiated the two terms on the basis of structure rather than function, and also used Laderahmen for clips that are loaded into the magazine holding the cartridges, eg the Austrian, Dutch and Rumanian Mannlicher clips. I don’t know whether this nomenclature is still currently used in Germany

In Dutch: Laadstrip.

About the German ‘Laderahmen’, translated directly it would mean loading frame, something between a stripper clip and a magazine. I still think that ‘Ladestreifen’, directly translated as loading strip, comes closest.

I also saw quite a lot of Germans describing magazines as ‘Laderahmen’.

For the record, a magazine in Dutch is a ‘Magazijn’, also called a ‘Patroonhouder’.


provided you have Windows as the operation system, start with the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen and click through

Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools

There you will find “Character Map” which gives you access to all characters the selected font has.

Thanks for the imput guys I will add the translations to the webpage.


Here in Argentina we use “peine” ( ) for the Mauser clip and “cargador” for the gun magazine.


  • @ NZ L1A1: In Romanian language “stripper clip” is like this: LAMA DE CARTUSE [singular] or LAME DE CARTUSE [plural]. The letter “S” from the last word [CARTUSE = cartridges] has a comma under it. In Romanian language only the word “LAMA” means “razor blade” or just “blade” [for knife, bayonet, sword, etc.] but the meaning for stripper clip is like I posted above. Liviu 03/14/09
  • @ NZ L1A1: According with a military dictionary printed in Romania in 5 languages [Romanian, English, French, German and Russian], dictionary which I have it with me, the word “stripper clip” in French is “LE CHARGEUR” [the same word used for “magazine”] and in German is “DER PATRONENSTREIFEN”. In Russian the word for “stripper clip” has 6 letters but it cannot be typed here. Liviu 03/14/09

Liviu, the word “Patronenstreifen” must be a rather “free translation”. I have never heard this word before.

your spanish translation looks very “italian” to me.
I did a little search in spanish sites and they also use “peine” or simply "[b]clip de alimentaci

  • @ EOD: I’m sure you’re right. As I mentioned in my lines posted at this topic yesterday, I had seen the word “Patronenstreifen” in that dictionary but since I don’t know German I cannot say if it is the correct word or not. Liviu 03/15/09

NZ - Martin is right. What you are showing for Spanish on the last line of your group of translations are Italian. You got those from our good friend Pivi, who is Italian, and who gave you some alternative names for stipper clips to the one that I gave you. Reread his posting - he mentioned that the word I gave you originally was the preferred form, but just as in English where a stripper clip can also be call a charger, or simply a clip, or an ammunition clip, in any language there is probably more than one way to say “stripper clip,” especially languages rich in dialects and local usage like Italian and Spanish.

You often will find also the term “caricatore” too,especially on Carcano ammo packages.Although “officially” used,this word is not correct since in Italian the word “caricatore” identifies the magazine of a firearm,not the simple clip.

I think that in the past the word “caricatore” or the expression “pacchetto caricatore” ( loading package) were referred to the clip WITH the cartridges,ready to use

In fact in Italy the gun magazines are considered “important gun parts”. You can buy or sell them with a police licence and you have to register them at the local police station.Clips are considered as metal parts only and they are free